Writing Your Site Review

One of the best ways to tell everyone about a site that you really like is by writing a review. Indeed, a lot of people love reading reviews and a lot of the sites being reviewed will definitely love seeing them. However, not a few people are confused as to how they are going to write their reviews.

So how do you write a good site review? Here’s a quick guide on how you will be able to come up with a review that will surely get a lot of people reading on.

Getting to know the site that you will be reviewing is the most important step in writing your reviews. After all, this will help you in getting all the details that you will need to include in your review. Thus, it is advised that you should never review a site that you have yet to visit or transact way. This way, you will also be able to avoid questions regarding your reasons for reviewing the site.

And now on to the actual review writing. The first thing that you need to put in here are all the basic details about the site. Pick out the most important ones to include, such as the site name and features and include them here. Make sure that you keep this one as short as possible, after all, you are writing a site review and not a site description.

The next section of your review will contain, well, your review. Here, you need to tell comprehensively what you think is the strong and week points of the site. You can also go into detail and mention all the features that you think make the site great or not. You will also find adding screenshots of the site very helpful to your review.

In giving your points of criticism, you need to be direct and straight to the point. However, you should also be armed with details to ensure that you have proof of your claims. This way, you will be able to avoid being discounted as yet another grouchy reviewer.

Lastly, you need to package the review into something that is worth reading. This is often where one can separate good reviewers from the bad. Here, you might want to be as lighthearted as possible to entice your readers to go on. A spice of humor and some occasional witty line will do the trick for your readers. However, you need not to strain yourself to write it that way. Just write everything the way you want it and it will actually come out naturally.

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